6 comments on “The Soul Food… WTF?

  1. Thanks for your great work in tracing out this circuit!
    I’m doing a soulfood repair right now. i’m thinking the charge pump is bad…could let me know what +V2 and -V are supposed to be?

    • Off the top of my head, I don’t remember. If you look at some threads on diystompboxes, you might be able to find one where the correct voltages were posted for a klone build. They should be about the same for the SF.

  2. Great schematic. Using it to sleuth out problems on a non-functioning bass soul food (fried -V regulator) which appears to be nearly the same schematic-wise, although from the pics I see it has a totally different pcb layout. One thing I did notice, I believe C17 is incorrectly shown going between -V and +V2. On mine it is between -V and gnd. I believe it is a HF bypass cap for -V on U2 which it is near, at least on the bass SF.

    • I don’t have the SF on hand to double check, but I did notice something weird going on around C17. I think there was a hidden layer sandwiched between the top and bottom layers of the PCB making some connection that wasn’t there in the real Klon circuit. Maybe they made it more like the real thing in the bass version.

  3. Hi!I dont know if you are still reading this post, but i have a soul food that died.I opened and saw the diode 1n4742 burnt.I replaced it and it had power in the led but nothing else.There were no voltages on the 7660 and it made a low buzz-hum either on or off (buffered).I replaced the 7660 and power to the tl072 is back on but again the same hum.With an audio probe the audio reaches U1 pin3 but after that i get that hum again and no signal coming through anywhere else.What can it be?

    • Whatever killed your 1n4742 probably took out some other stuff nearby. For a more detailed debug, check out diystompboxes.com and post the voltages on your IC pins. Those guys can walk you through it better than I can. Though, honestly, the SF is so cheap that it would probably be easier to just buy a new one.

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